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The Urki Foundation is governed by the Board of Trustees, whose members do not get any remuneration for the performance of their duties. Its functional structure is the following:

• Scholarships and training aids.
• Research and pedagogical innovation.
• Promoting cultural, educational and sports initiatives.
• Educational schemes in the Third World.
• Board.
• Economic-financial management.

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We are

Set in Bilbao, the Urki Foundation is a non-profitmaking institution whose main objective is to promote cultural, educational and training activities as well as research work into the pedagogical field and other related sciences.

It was born in 1990 thanks to the vision and initiative of a group of people who, worried about the educational panorama, decided to set up this Foundation with a view to offering society quality, creative and innovative education, based on values.

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Aiartza bidea, 5 48180 LOIU (COAS)

Phone: 94 464 66 88

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